What is air quality and how the terms VOC and TVOC relate to it

What is air quality and how the terms VOC and TVOC relate to it The term “VOC” stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. (Volatile = at room […]

4 examples of how to choose the right type of sensor for each room

4 examples of how to choose the right type of sensor for each room A well-known concept in terms of an immediate assessment of indoor air […]

What is the ideal humidity in the apartment?

What is the ideal humidity in the apartment?   In addition to CO2 (read about its effect on the indoor environment here), humidity is another very […]

What is behind the term “CO2”?

CO and CO2 – often confused terms     CO and CO2 are very similar names and one can easily confuse them just because of slang […]

3 reasons to use air quality sensors

3 main reasons to use air quality sensors Thinking about a new HVAC unit for your home, business, or anywhere else? Or do you already have […]

6 negative effects of expired air

6 negative effects of expired air Exhaled air is associated with discomfort in the indoor environment. People often associate them with high concentrations of carbon dioxide […]

CO2 is not a major air pollutant

What are the main indoor air pollutants? CO2 as a good indicator of air pollution When people stay in a confined space without adequate ventilation, the […]

How to ventilate in a smoking restaurant?

Read how the ADS SMOKE cigarette smoke sensor can save restaurants (and similar facilities) the cost of uncontrolled ventilation.

5 tips on where (not) to place an indoor air quality sensor

Advice for the placement of indoor air quality sensors. Mount the sensor to ensure the most accurate measurement!
Protronix a Enectiva

Protronix sensors and Enectiva smart app

Protronix sensors are now compatible with Enectiva app Since this year, we have been cooperating with Enerfis s.r.o., which has developed a modern application (not only) […]

Wireless cloud solution – SIGFOX modules

Wireless cloud solution – SIGFOX modules At Protronix, we have been dealing with indoor air quality sensors for many years and offer you solutions to efficiently […]

O2 IT Services wants to improve the school air quality

O2 IT Services (O2 ITS), a subsidiary of O2 Czech Republic, together with several partners is launching the Smart City pilot project "Environment - Healthy School" in the area of air quality measurement. It draws attention to the issue of optimal environment in schools and its impact on the health and attention of students and teachers. The project was launched in February this year and will run for several months.

Controlling and collecting data from sensors over IQRF network

Sensor communication over IQRF network Visualization of measured data from sensors (CO2, VOC, humidity,…) is very useful to identify the specific problem and its subsequent solution. […]

Protronix at OpenStack Summit in Austin, Texas

Protronix at OpenStack Summit in Austin, Texas Representatives of Czech companies dealing with Cloud Computing (= delivery of computing services) and wireless sensor networks attended the […]

Measuring CO2 is often not enough

Indoor air quality is nowadays assessed, if at all, by temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration. However, people often complain about air quality even though all these indicators are at optimum levels. So what substances further degrade air quality?

Driven by real need

What is the difference between uncontrolled ventilation and VAV (variable air volume) and DCV (demand controlled ventilation)? The article describes the advantages, disadvantages and operation of these systems. The VAV system is explained using a specific example in our company. The initial set-up of the system and its several years of operation are described. The ventilation is regulated by air quality sensors, which are manufactured in-house.

Carbon dioxide indoors – real measurements

Our company has conducted surveys in the nursery, school and office. We placed air quality sensors in the classrooms and office. Where were the carbon dioxide readings the worst? You may not be surprised by the results, but is it okay for children to spend so much time in enclosed rooms where the air quality is often alarming? The survey we conducted in bedrooms shows that even at night the air quality is not better, but rather worse. This means that we are breathing poor quality air for more than half of the day. Do you think that's okay?

On what principles do air quality sensors work?

Getting lost in technical terms related to measuring the concentration of various substances in the air? Sensors for measuring CO2, CO, VOCs etc. work on three basic principles, the most commonly used of which is the NDIR principle. What does NDIR mean and how do sensors work on this and other principles?

Smart ventilation that saves you money

The heater is always on and the window above it is open because the room is unbreathable! Or a closed window, so that the heating is not unnecessary, but the air is such that it is impossible to be in the room for long periods of time. Do you know these situations? And do you know what smart ventilation is?

Carbon monoxide poisoning

CO leaks have been a much discussed topic recently. Many people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning, despite the fact that it would have taken so little - the purchase of a home CO sensor that could alert homeowners to this dangerous gas. In the section "Products - we inform" you will find articles related to this topic.

Social responsibility in our company

Our company has published its first corporate social responsibility report. If you are interested not only in what we do, but also how we do it, you will find this report interesting.

Air pollutants cause serious diseases and kill

Do you know what you're breathing? The following video by the Czech Television shows that air quality in the Czech Republic is rapidly deteriorating.

Watch the quality of the indoor environment instead of the clock

IS CO2 is a device designed to indicate the CO2 concentration and temperature in a room. It allows the desired CO2 concentration to be set by a trimmer on the back. Indication of exceeding the desired value + switching of the contact to start ventilation.

Meteorological system Medard

The new version of the Czech weather forecasting system Medard can also predict air pollution. Watch the video with more detailed information.
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