About us

As time passed by

We started with the brain (control electronics) for the ventilation units. We also not only needed to control the ventilation, but also to somehow measure the air quality and ventilate accordingly. So we started to develop the first CO2 and relative humidity sensors.

We contended with the accuracy and stability of measurement in the first sensors. Today, we can offer you sensors that will serve you well for over 10 years!

Our vision

Thanks to our sensors, everyone will effectively ventilate and breathe fresh air.

Why do we enjoy this?

In modern times, we spend an incredible average of 90 % of the time ‘closed’ inside, it’s more than 21 hours!

No one wants the heat to escape from the house, so we install airtight windows and doors and insulate our homes. Naturally, the reason is saving money on heating, but being in an airless environment makes us unable to think, work or create clearly. Long-term stay indoors is really damaging to our health.

That’s why we want everyone to feel great, whether at home, at work or elsewhere, and still save them money.

Healthy air in a healthy home!


I firmly believe that you’ll be satisfied with our sensors.

Miloš Žáček

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