At Protronix, we have been developing and manufacturing air quality sensors since 2001. Our range includes sensors for carbon dioxide (CO2), relative humidity, temperature, VOC, dust and more. We are a 100% Czech company with development and production in the Czech Republic. We are ISO 9001:2009 certified.


  • Carbon dioxyde sensors

  • Volatile organic compounds sensors

  • Humidity sensors

  • Temperature sensors

  • Dust sensors

  • Cigarette smoke sensors

  • Coolant leak sensors

  • CO2+ humidity sensors

  • CO2+ VOC sensors

  • CO2+ temperature sensors

  • Humidity + temperature sensors

  • VOC + humidity sensors

  • Sensors for measuring radon

  • Channel sensors

  • Accessories


  • What is air quality and how the terms VOC and TVOC relate to it

  • 4 examples of how to choose the right type of sensor for each room

  • What is the ideal humidity in the apartment?

Why air quality sensors from us

  • The sensors are compatible with 99% of ventilation and recovery units on the market
  • They do not require maintenance or calibration during the entire period of operation
  • Proven service life of at least 10 years
  • A wide power supply range starts from 12 V
  • Spatial or channel design of sensors
  • Smart sensors with cloud communication



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