Senzor koncentrace oxidu uhličitého a teploty s displejem pro přesné měření kvality vnitřního vzduchu

New sensor with display

If you’re uncomfortable in your work environment, sometimes have a headache or are tired, poor indoor air quality could be the cause. The biggest polluter of the indoor environment is man himself. Carbon dioxide is a great indicator of air pollution in areas where people are frequently moving around.

Drive or be driven

Classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, living rooms, … everywhere our new IS-CO2-P sensor with large display is suitable for measuring carbon dioxide concentration and temperature, either as a signal to open windows or to efficiently control the ventilation unit.

Setting the desired value

On the back, you can easily adjust the desired carbon dioxide concentration with the trimmer (= rotary electrical component). If this set value is exceeded, the sensor will indicate by intermittent light the poor air quality and the need for ventilation or even switch on the ventilation or heat recovery unit.

In classrooms or meeting rooms, CO2 values can rise to high levels without sufficient ventilation and a basic measurement range of 400 – 2,000 ppm may not be sufficient. Therefore, the IS-CO2-P sensor has an extended range up to 5,000 ppm. More detailed product information can be found in the datasheet.


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