Protronix a Enectiva

Protronix sensors are now compatible with Enectiva app

Since this year, we have been cooperating with Enerfis s.r.o., which has developed a modern application (not only) for building managers and owners or building complexes – ENECTIVA. Enectiva is an application for energy management in accordance with ISO 50001.

The application provides easy management of these spaces from electricity meters, water meters to monitoring and evaluation of air quality in the given spaces, for example from sensors of CO2, humidity, organic matter, etc.

Connecting Protronix sensors with Enetiva

Enectiva belongs to IoT platforms. How is the measured data from air quality sensors sent to it? Sigfox wireless modules are used for this function. The Sigfox network here in the Czech Republic has a coverage of more than 90% and makes it easy to transfer data to the application.

Easy monitoring, efficient ventilation

Based on the measured data, the indoor air quality can be easily monitored and the air handling unit can be ventilated or controlled efficiently.

With this network, we offer combined wired and wireless sensors, for example, a combination of CO2, humidity and temperature or VOC (organic substances), humidity and temperature.


More about Enectiva app


Protronix a Enectiva






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