Testing the project with Prague students

O2 IT Services (O2 ITS), a subsidiary of O2 Czech Republic, together with several partners is launching the Smart City pilot project “Environment – Healthy School” in the area of air quality measurement. It draws attention to the issue of optimal environment in schools and its impact on the health and attention of students and teachers. The project was launched in February 2017 and lasted several months.

The test run will take place at the Smíchov Secondary School of Industry (SSPŠ), which is ideal for testing in the demanding conditions of urban development and heavy traffic due to its structure and location. It also has the advantage of being a technically oriented school that wants to use the measurement results in vocational training.

With the Healthy School project we would like to open a discussion on the topic of the quality of the urban environment and its impact on our health. We believe that the use of innovative technologies can significantly contribute to its improvement,” says Václav Provazník, Managing Director of O2 IT Services.

We expect from participation in the project not only to improve the quality of the indoor environment for our students and school staff, but we also very much welcome the opportunity to involve students in measurements and experiments. The practical experience with new technologies that students can gain thanks to O2 ITS is invaluable,” says Radko Sáblík, Director of SSPŠ.

How it works

The subject of the pilot project is long-term measurements of the indoor environment in selected classrooms and the external environment outside the school walls in the direction of the street and the inner courtyard. In ten classrooms, sensors are installed to continuously measure indoor air pollution levels through values of carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the air, relative humidity and temperature. At the same time, two sensors are installed in the school to measure the degree of outdoor air pollution through dust particles.

Finally, noise levels are also measured at several locations outside the school windows. During the pilot project, a series of experiments will be carried out to verify the impact of the test measures on the changes in the indoor environment of the school.

The individual sensors transmit real-time data (temperature, CO2 values, humidity, etc.) 24 hours a day to the internal O2 ITS system, allowing the climate in the classrooms to be monitored at any time. At the same time, selected students record specific data about classroom events, e.g. time or number of students. With this data, it will be possible to analyse the measurement results in detail and make concrete recommendations.

Project benefits

After the pilot operation, O2 IT Services will conduct an analysis together with the project partners to describe the dependence between the degree of indoor and outdoor pollution and specific situations in the school. The analysis will also include proposals for individual steps that would enable the school to manage the environmental situation when pupils and teachers are in the school building. A further contribution will be to validate the technology and determine the necessary range of components for smart environmental management in buildings.

Project partners

The project includes the following technology companies working in the fields of environment and smart city:

PROTRONIX s.r.o. – provided spatial sensors to monitor indoor air quality. The sensor measures carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the range up to 5000 ppm, temperature and relative humidity.

CAMEA s.r.o.. – installed two devices on the school building in the street and courtyard direction for fully automatic informative monitoring of outdoor air pollution, the sensors measure dust particles and carbon monoxide (CO) concentration in the air, in addition to the basic variables of temperature, humidity and air pressure.

IQRF Alliance s.r.o. – has connected individual industry partners and academic institutions using the IQRF communication platform. O2, Protronix and MICRORISC are members of the IQRF Alliance.

MICRORISC s.r.o. – provided IQRF transceivers creating a transmission system that provides wireless transmission of sensor data.

Environmental Protection s.r.o. – has been taking accredited measurements and has provided a noise sensor as part of a pilot project that will continuously measure and record the equivalent sound pressure level at various locations outside the school windows.

More at www.o2its.cz and www.smartcity.cz




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