Rodina v obýváku s čidlem kvality vzduchu

3 main reasons to use air quality sensors

Thinking about a new HVAC unit for your home, business, or anywhere else? Or do you already have a unit and would like to use it more efficiently? Read on for the top 3 reasons to get air quality sensors to go with it!

1. Save money and don’t ventilate unnecessarily

Whether you choose wall-mounted room sensors or duct sensors and connect them to a ventilation unit or window opening system, you can start ventilating efficiently right away. The unit will simply start only when the air is really dirty. This means you don’t waste money on energy costs.

2. Improve the quality of the indoor environment

A. Measurement by carbon dioxide concentration – CO2

The choice of sensor depends on what is the primary source of indoor pollution. As a primary indicator, if human pollution is prevalent, carbon dioxide concentration is the most effective pollution indicator.

Example of rooms where to use CO2 concentration sensors:
  • offices
  • meeting rooms
  • bedrooms, children’s rooms
  • hotels
  • theatres, cinemas
  • school classrooms, …

B. Measurement according to the concentration of volatile organic compounds – VOCs

Another major pollutant is so-called volatile organic compounds, which are exhaled from furniture, carpets, paints, cleaning products or even cooking and frying. Where CO2 concentrations can be low, VOCs can be high.

Example of rooms where to use VOC concentration sensors:
  • toilets
  • changing rooms
  • kitchens
  • fitness centres
  • gyms, …
More about VOCs

3. Don’t worry about anything

As already mentioned in the first point, the unit switches on and off, or influences the ventilation intensity, thanks to sensors completely independently. You don’t have to think about when to turn the unit on and off, when to increase or decrease the power, or the exact on/off time.


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