3 reasons to use air quality sensors

3 main reasons to use air quality sensors Thinking about a new HVAC unit for your home, business, or anywhere else? Or do you already have […]

CO2 is not a major air pollutant

What are the main indoor air pollutants? CO2 as a good indicator of air pollution When people stay in a confined space without adequate ventilation, the […]

5 tips on where (not) to place an indoor air quality sensor

Advice for the placement of indoor air quality sensors. Mount the sensor to ensure the most accurate measurement!

Controlling and collecting data from sensors over IQRF network

Sensor communication over IQRF network Visualization of measured data from sensors (CO2, VOC, humidity,…) is very useful to identify the specific problem and its subsequent solution. […]

Protronix at OpenStack Summit in Austin, Texas

Protronix at OpenStack Summit in Austin, Texas Representatives of Czech companies dealing with Cloud Computing (= delivery of computing services) and wireless sensor networks attended the […]

Measurements showed poor air quality during sleep

The company took air quality measurements in a bedroom where several people were sleeping. The measurements were taken at different ventilation levels. However, in neither case were the results satisfactory. Read the full article to find out why you can't get to sleep during the night and wake up tired in the morning.

Why a CO2 sensor?

The concentration of CO2 in the air is a good indicator of the breathability of indoor air and corresponds very well to the number of people living in these enclosed spaces.

Low-energy houses are becoming trendy

Low-energy houses have been the focus of attention for many years. Their development is of course linked to the increase in energy prices that can be observed in recent years. It is generally stated that the savings in heating costs are approximately half in a low-energy house compared to a conventional building.

It is an advantage to have an air quality sensor if you already have ventilation

Air quality sensors precisely regulate ventilation, which is a great advantage in public buildings with a variable number of people inside. They help to save energy and thus costs.

Poor air quality even at exhibitions

Chart showing the concentration of CO2 at the Aquatherm trade fair held in the autumn of 2012 in the new exhibition halls in Letňany.

On what principles do air quality sensors work?

Getting lost in technical terms related to measuring the concentration of various substances in the air? Sensors for measuring CO2, CO, VOCs etc. work on three basic principles, the most commonly used of which is the NDIR principle. What does NDIR mean and how do sensors work on this and other principles?
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