Dva spící lidé v prostředí s dobrou kvalitou vnitřního vzduchu

Bad air while sleeping – measurements in the bedroom

Measurements of carbon dioxide concentration at night were made in the bedroom of an insulated house. The bedroom had an area of 45 m2 and new plastic windows were installed. It was occupied by two adults and a one-year-old child. The sensor measured an increase in CO2 concentration to more than three times the recommended value. “More than 3,000 ppm of carbon dioxide was measured in the air, which is far beyond a good sleeping environment,” says Ing. Miloš Žáček, Managing Director and CEO of Protronix.



Chart 1: Measured values with windows fully closed

The next night, measurements were taken with the same number of people, but with the micro-ventilation allowed by the less leaky fitted windows. The maximum CO2 readings were lower (2600 ppm) and from 1am onwards the concentration decreased greatly until it reached the recommended level towards morning.

Graf č. 2: Naměřené hodnoty s mikroventilací

Chart 2: Measured values with microventilation

The third measurement was taken with the window up. The carbon dioxide concentration level exceeded only slightly above 1200 ppm at the highest point. The measured concentration level corresponded to a ventilation rate of about 23 m3 of air per hour per person, which meets the generally accepted requirement for fresh air in the room.

ventilacka (1)

Chart 3: Measured values with the window rolled down




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