Coolant leak sensors


Take a look at our refrigerant leak detectors, which we offer in both industrial and domestic versions. You can use these detectors in all spaces equipped with air conditioning or a heat pump, or in rooms serving as coolant storage. The sensors we offer detect the presence of 6 types of refrigerants based on fluorocarbons in the indoor air, in concentrations ranging from 0 to 5,000 ppm. It will then notify you of a possible coolant leak with visual and acoustic signals.

Our sensors are characterized by high measurement stability, accuracy, and, moreover, a long service life. We have been producing them for you 100% here in the Czech Republic since 2001.


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    • IL-RG-1 sensor

      IL-RG-1 sensor

      ◦ refrigerant leak sensor
      ◦ visual and acoustic alarm
      ◦ RS485 Modbus communication
      ◦ detects 6 different refrigerants

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