Sensors of volatile organic compounds


View our portfolio of organic matter sensors, thanks to which the air in your interiors will always be fresh and fragrant. You can use VOC sensors perfectly in toilets, kitchens, sports locker rooms, gyms and fitness centers. Our volatile organic compounds sensors are able to detect the most frequently occurring of approximately 10,000 types of VOC substances, whether they are products of the metabolism of living organisms, bio-waste substances or vapors from various materials or chemicals. We offer you the most modern method of VOC detection, working with advanced algorithms based on the principle of neural networks. Our products have an optional measurement range of the concentration of volatile organic substances, from 0 to 10,000 µg/m3, and the offer also includes smart VOC sensors, suitable for the smart-building concept, as well as for spaces with WELL BUILDING STANDARD certification.

We developed and produced all our sensors in our own factory in the Czech Republic. More than two decades of experience are behind the quality and reliability of our products, thanks to which we can offer you sensors with high measurement accuracy that last more than 10 years in operation.


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