Sensors for measuring radon

Radon measurement is essential for controlling a healthy indoor environment in buildings. Radon is a gas that has no color, taste or smell, but it is strongly carcinogenic. It is heavier than air, which is why it sticks to the ground, but due to the so-called chimney effect, it can also get inside buildings through various leaks or cracks. The Czech Republic ranks among the countries with the highest incidence of radon in the world. Radon is produced by the gradual transformation of uranium and radium, it is highly radioactive, and upon long-term inhalation it settles in the respiratory tract and irradiates it, causing an increased risk of lung cancer.

Our sensors detect the presence of radon in the range of 0-1000 Bq/m3, have an adjustable two-stage alarm and with their help you can set up a safe system of controlled ventilation online.

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