Spící unavený student ve škole, kde se špatně větrá

Measurements in a Prague school did not end well

In this day and age, when we don’t want heat escaping from our homes, we seal our doors and windows to prevent unnecessary heat and money from escaping. Of course, fresh air is also very important for a healthy happy life. Schools are a big current problem in the area of indoor air quality, which is why we have been actively involved with other partners in the O2 project.

Smart City Project “Environment – Healthy School”

Vybraná školní budova do projektu Zdravá škola

Prague Smichov School

The aim was to monitor indoor air quality and assess its impact on the health and attention of students and teachers.

The Smíchov Secondary School of Industry, which provided its premises for the project, is located in a dense urban area and is thus an ideal test environment.

What are the results?

First, initial measurements were taken. Air quality sensors were placed in the ten selected most congested classrooms, where indoor air quality was continuously monitored and the measured sensor data was transmitted over the radio network to the O2 cloud server.

Graph of the highest measured values

This made it possible to constantly monitor the current state of the classroom environment.

The graph below shows the measured values in one class in the selected week. According to the decree of the Ministry of Regional Development, the CO2 value of 1,500 ppm (parts per million) must not be exceeded in the residence rooms. The graph shows that the CO2 concentration values on each class day during the week significantly exceeded this limit.

Students will also use the information found

The information from the project is an important tool for analysis in order to find optimal solutions for a sustainable improvement of the quality of the indoor environment in schools and beyond. The research and the results of this pilot project will also be used by the school in the context of vocational training.



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